Past Work

I'm fine

While going through some old photographs, I found this image of myself as a child about to throw a rock in a creek. I immediately recalled that freedom of throwing a rock and making a splash, that feeling of being in the moment, that unconscious
“I’m fine.” This is in contrast to how we use the term “I’m fine” to communicate as adults. What constitutes “fine” for an adult? Is it possible to get back to that childhood feeling of empowerment, to throw that rock and make that splash?

Peacework Project

The Peacework Project is a public art project created as a series of five postcards that have been mailed to individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, politicians, and world leaders. The postcard is a common object that can be circulated and seen by many, yet at the same time is personal. Like the ubiquitous travel postcard with its simple greeting, these postcards are meant as a gift. However, the gift’s message challenges the recipients to decipher its meaning and relevance to their own lives.

The postcards are diptychs that juxtapose images of traditional women’s art with photographic images of water in nature. Visual connections are made between patterns in both water and textiles. Imperative statements printed on the images encourage conceptual connections. Together all five postcards are intended to inspire the receiver to reflect on the elements that create and sustain peaceful living. (Click on thumbtags to see a larger picture of each card.)

Thank you to all those who contributed to the Peacework Project.